Belanger Valuation

At Belanger Valuation we serve a wide variety of clients, both public and private companies, across a variety of industries.

Public and Private Companies

If you are contemplating an acquisition, or have already made one, you probably have purchase price allocation needs. If you have goodwill or long-lived assets, you may need an impairment testing valuation. Perhaps you have stock-based compensation with performance vesting requirements.

Are you a PE-backed company that has a complex equity structure with layers of preferred stock, and you need to know the value of the common stock? We have the knowledge and skills to provide the valuation documentation you need to support these Fair Value disclosures, and we have the experience your auditors require when performing their review procedures.

Perhaps you are moving assets or operations across borders, looking at an internal reorganization, or simplifying your tax structure. We can help with intellectual property and enterprise valuation for tax planning.

Finally, middle-market companies often lack a dedicated M&A team, and we can provide financial modeling when contemplating a transaction or recapitalization.

Private Equity Firms

PE firms understand valuation, yet sometimes need help with specialized projects, or they would rather focus on their core business of finding, growing, and managing portfolio companies. We can help with all types of financial reporting valuations, including those involving complex equity structures, value the firm’s carried interest, provide on-going portfolio review, and perform financial modeling to improve investment performance tracking and reporting and measure the value of limited partner (LP) interests. We understand your goals with a valuation provider are for reliable and supportable value conclusions without the big-firm fees or unnecessary complexity.

Business Owners

As a business owner, you don’t need the distractions of a valuation taking you away from running your business. Maybe you want to buy out a partner or take on a new partner. Perhaps a competitor or an investor has approached you about buying your business. Or you are contemplating selling to key employees or setting up an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). We offer great flexibility in how we deliver an enterprise valuation to you, because sometimes, all you just need a ballpark range and some transaction data to start discussions, while other situations call for a full narrative report that relies upon an array of valuation techniques.

One size does not fit all, and we will customize the level of service to your needs.

Lenders and other Capital Providers

Whether you require a valuation of intellectual property to support asset-based lending, an enterprise valuation to backstop a commercial cash-flow loan, or an SBA loan documentation package, we have extensive experience in each of these areas to help you document your credit decisions. If you are a provider of mezzanine financing or subordinated financing, you may find our financial modeling to be informative to your decision-making and post-transaction tracking processes.


When you need a clear and supportable enterprise valuation for your legal matter, we are here for you.

Whether it is a shareholder or joint venture dispute, probate, gift tax planning, charitable contribution, or many other purposes, we can perform the thoughtful analysis you need to determine the value.

Ed Belanger is not a professional expert witness; he is an expert at business valuation. If the process gets to the point where an expert witness is necessary, he can fulfill that role, or if you prefer to engage a different specialist as the testifying expert, we will gladly work with them in a supporting or transitional role.

Financial Advisors and Intermediaries

You have the skills you need to serve your clients well, whether you are an investment banker, business broker, tax expert, financial planner, due diligence specialist, interim CFO or controller, or even someone outside of finance and accounting, who may focus on operations, marketing, strategy, IT or HR. You may even know some things about valuation. However, valuation is not your core competency. When you see your client has a potential valuation need, you as a trusted advisor need to refer them to the right specialist. When another advisor refers a client to Belanger Valuation, we share the fees we earn from that client with the referral source for three years. Let us connect and see how we can help each other.